REVIEW Spotlight: Just a Little Bit of Love by Ines Bautista-Yao

Just a Little Bit of Love is why I (and will always) choose to read about romance any given day.

If you’re new to this blog, hi! I’m April and I read hot and sexy, sometimes most of the time a little filthy, romance books. My previous posts would prove that. You’d think my mind is currently polluted with a lot steam (won’t argue) but hey that’s me and I wouldn’t even call it polluted. Sexed up brain, maybe. But polluted, nope. Never.

So to read and finish Ines Bautista-Yao’s latest work was like breathing in a lungful of fresh air. (Like seeing beaches after having too much buildings to look at.) Just so you know, everything Ines writes that I read so far brings in the clean (yes, because I have dirty feels okay) feels that never fails to warm my (cold, lol) heart. Just a Little Bit of Love is no exception.

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And OMG!!! I felt so high during and after reading this because EEEE SO! KILIIIIG!!! I had no idea what to do with myself! Maybe jump up and down like a kid who won a candy from a store?! Just a Little Bit of Love has three cute stories from the standalone book, Only A Kiss [4 stars], showing different stages of love and how it can bloom to something really beautiful, if you take care of it well. It’s so fascinating to read because I was like time warped back when I was 14 and when I was in college. (Did I just admit I’m over the age of a college girl already?! OMG. Ugh.) Anyway! Let me tell you the thing/s I love about each story, each of them ingraining a little bit of love in my heart.

Watching, Waiting

I love that Ines chose that particular setting for this story because it’s such a nice place for everything friendly. And it felt highschool-ish, too, because of the friendships (or lack thereof) and those tiny teenage issues people their age go through (Anita and friends). So real, so good! I’m so glad it ended the way it should be because if not, I was going to stop reading right there and then. And ignore Ines for the rest of my life. Haha! Kidding!

Do I want more though? HELLZ YEAH! DUH! Like when they’re a bit older, perhaps?

On the Sidelines

I FREAKING LOVE THIS STORY! If Ines decided to have this in paperback, even just this one alone, I’m going to buy myself a lot copies then give some away to people. And maybe make posters for John’s football games to inspire him to do much better. (I know that’d probably do nothing because Ina’s kisses were way better but, well, I’m still going to, given the chance and all that.) That’s how I love it. So! What I love about this one? Wait, uh… everything??? The dynamic of the situation in the story was on point and didn’t feel like fictional to me. I don’t know how Ines did it because the emotions, ups and downs, pushes and pulls, the anxiety… it was perfectly done, very authentic all throughout. Maybe because I invest my feelings when I’m reading? Or Ines just captured that softest heartstring and pulled it because she knew how to work around with her words.

I like John and Ina. These two might be one of my fave couples out there because their complexities (nothing heavy, trust me) made them who they are now being together. It was fun to watch, also terrifying, since I didn’t know what’s going to happen next. Sure, it might be unpredictable but the path to it surely wasn’t. John was so funny and cute and if I was there, I’d totally pinch John’s cheeks. And Ina, I wanted to hate her but nope, I couldn’t. She’s a nice girl and perfect for John, if only she saw it earlier.

If you want to read a perfectly paced relationship their college age with kilig feels and a pinch of heartache and definitely an HEA, you will so get it here! This story had me wanting for so much more; I felt so sad it ended already.

Sticky Notes and Forgetfulness

This story was such a tease!! Do not read it! Kidding! Well, it was good because it had the whole conflict and resolution and Carla and Jacob were lovable characters. Their sweet moments of just being together for work, the forgetfulness and the presence of sticky notes, the frustration because somebody disappeared but came around eventually (thank God!!) and the way it moved up quickly to a brighter side were satisfying for a short story. I really wish I had more to read though!

I’ve had a chance to interview the boys of Just a Little Bit of Love because they are an adorable bunch and I’d like to know more about each of them. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Warning: may contain some spoilers!

Tuesday Boy from “Watching, Waiting”

Hi Tuesday Boy! I’m April! I’m sorry I’m not sure I know your name. But I am so sure I want to know more of you. So! Will you please tell us more about yourself? Are you an introvert type of guy? Do you love to read? The beach? Anything goes!
Hi, April! It’s nice to meet you. My name is Brian. I’m a sophomore in high school. I don’t live anywhere near the cafe but every Tuesday, I visit my grandma who lives in the village a few blocks down from the coffee shop. I wait for her to finish her meetings – she’s involved in all these different programs! So I hang out at the cafe and study. I have to finish my homework right away so I don’t have anything to distract me when I hang out with my grandma. She likes to start all these projects around the house and I’m her handyman. In the beginning, I wasn’t too excited about it. It meant time away from my studies, my friends, but then I started enjoying myself. My grandma wanted to build doll houses out of wood, bookshelves, boxes, and chairs. She gives them away to orphanages and public schools.

Let’s just say I’m really good with my hands now. And I’ve got her to thank for that.

(Is my mind that dirty that I actually thought of something else when he said how good he was with his hands now?! Eeeeee!!! *hides*)

You often hangout in a coffeeshop Anita’s mother owns. What made you choose such a place instead of somewhere else?
I really like how cozy it is, how it feels like a family runs it (now I know that it is a family-run business), and the chocolate muffins and strawberry milkshakes are excellent! The sugar rush gives me the energy I need when I help grandma out.

What did you think of Anita when you first saw her and when she asked you about things?
I noticed her when I entered the cafe for the first time. She came in after me, looking frazzled, as if she’d arrived straight from school. I thought she was going to grab a table or order a drink. Imagine my surprise when she kissed the woman behind the cashier and slipped on an orange apron and cap. That was the only time she was late though. Whenever I entered the shop after that, she was already there with a bright smile on her face, her hair neatly tucked under her cap, her bangs slightly grazing her eyebrows.

She’s usually very quiet, so when she asked me that one time what it was like to have so much sugar in my system, I was surprised and wasn’t quite sure what to say. I must have mumbled something about trying it too – I know, such a lame thing to say – and I immediately ducked my head to hide the heat that I knew would creep up my cheeks. I don’t think she noticed though. At least I hope she didn’t!

(Did you see how his eyes light up when reminiscing that moment?!)

Are you and Anita friends now?
When she asked to join me, my first reaction was surprise. I mean, all this time, she never gave me the time of day. But how could I turn down that invitation? :)

John Antonio from “On The Sidelines”

Hello John! *flips hair* Football player, right? I hope you don’t mind me asking. What’s your most memorable moment in the field?
No contest. When Ina blew me a kiss. You know what happened next.

(See why I love the guy??)

When did you start having feelings for Ina? Was it the love-at-first-sight kind of thing or?
When she accused me of having a small brain, I was a goner. I just knew there was something about this girl even if I also knew it wasn’t going to be easy to get her to look twice at me.

Why did you still continue to hangout with Ina even when you know she had feelings for one of your teammates?
Nothing was going to happen between her and Ethan. Come on, not only is he leaving, but she can barely breathe let alone say two words whenever he’s around! Haha! But seriously, I knew we belonged together. I didn’t care about Ethan or anyone else who might be in the way.


How are things between you and Ina now?
*goofy smile*

(UGHHHH!!!! ANTONIO!!! You did not just do that to me!!)

Jacob from “Sticky Notes and Forgetfulness”

Hi Jacob! Before you moved on to making movies of your own, you were an assistant to one of the top wedding videographers. Why did you choose to video weddings instead of something else?
Wedding videos are real life love stories. And I’m a sucker for romance. I’m also a storyteller. So hearing about the love stories of couples about to get married feeds my imagination.

(Did he just admit he’s a sucker for romance? OMG UNfreakingREAL!!!)

What would be your favorite wedding location to shoot? Who is that somebody you look up to in the wedding videography industry, if you have any?
I don’t have a particular favorite location. I prefer places that are significant to the couple because there’s history, sometimes there’s even magic.

Let’s say when I started out, I wanted to be just like Rodrigo, but eventually, I realized I wanted to do something else. I learned so much from him though. And for that, I will always be in his debt.

Did you think you’d hit it off with Carla when you first met her? What’s so special about her that drew you in?
I love how she’s like a puzzle I want to figure out.


You’re a notoriously organized for a man! I don’t even know how you do it! Care to share a few tips? I’m sure Carla has learned a trick or two from you!
I like knowing where things are when I need them. I don’t appreciate being rushed or harassed, so I make sure my life is in neat piles so I know where to find stuff and I can avoid the hassle whenever I can. I think it’s about the big picture and changing your perspective. But I don’t tell Carla this. Only if she asks. She is trying though, and it’s adorable watching her try.

(I am so gonna tell Carla, Jacob.)

The reason I chose to interview the LIs of these stories was for Ines to realize I need more of these characters. Like right now. And with what she confessed to me the other day, I say it’s most likely to happen! Yaaaay!!! Mission accomplished!!!

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