REVIEW: In Too Deep by Bianca Mori

August is Buwan ng Wika in the Philippines which is to celebrate the rich Filipino language. I’ve heard about #BuwanNgMgaAkdangPinoy (Month of Filipino Authors) from Mina and thought of how I could contribute to it. I’ve decided to only read and review books from Filipino writers this whole month. Which is a good thing since my first book to review this August is from a Pinay herself. So yay for that!

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It’s just the perfect timing that my next book to be read was from another author in the Philippines.

In Too Deep was my first Bianca Mori book. I wasn’t expecting anything aside from it would going to be under my hot book category. Because of that cover. And man wasn’t I surprised! Sure, it was ~hot~ in all the right places. Private island with less than 10 guests, attractive redhead, gorgeous man, both single—those kind of stuff is a sure fire of them both getting laid, right? RIGHT! That actually happened. And then another thing happened that got them stuck in the island for a few more days. That led me to the random WTF was that? moments which also got me thinking if I was still reading the same book. All because of the twists and turns that Bianca thrown in the story that you never knew would make a good one. Which actually made sense for me now, because if not for those, it would just be flat out boring and the same with those beach hook up, summer fling books that ended up with HEA without anything good beside the sex scenes maybe. So I’m grateful for that even when it did confuse me. Haha!

I liked that In Too Deep was not your usual summer romance story and was still a good quick read even without the explicit steamy scenes just like what the cover may conjure up into your mind (like it did with mine haha). I felt like being transported to Virgin Island in Cebu while reading it since it’s the only place I could think of that would fit in to Bianca’s beautiful words. Now I wonder what place was her peg for Cosa Imbah’i.

The ending left me hanging (UGH!!!) but not enough for Bianca to secure a death threat from me but just enough to make me sooo excited for the second book! (I really hope she’s already working on that one because if not… *slowly sharpens a butcher’s knife while staring at Bianca* LOL just kidding!)

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