Blog Tour + REVIEW: Ice by Kathy Coopmans and Hilary Storm

ice cover copyAuthors: Kathy Coopmans and Hilary Storm
Series: The Elite Forces #1
Release Date: March 8, 2016
Rating: 5/5
Source: ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.
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Warning: This book contains explicit language and graphic sexual content.

Captain Jade Elliott of the United States Army spent her entire career working her ass off to get to this point and she couldn’t be more proud. She’s gained notoriety through her actions as well as the respect of her team. She’s one of the first women to graduate as a Ranger and has been called to serve on a secret mission. So why is she about to do something that could throw that all away?

Kaleb Maverick has been called to act as Commander for a vital mission and has done his research. He knows his team very well, in fact he hand selected them. He’s retired, but still very active in the private sector, leading his personal team to countless successful missions. Now he’s going back for one last mission.

What happens when his mission is to get the girl? What if she’s not ready to be captured? Their chemistry is explosive and the heat is intense, but can Maverick come back with his head held high or will she be the first mission he fails?

Let’s take a moment of silence first because I can’t with these feelings! I love it. Then I hate it. It’s crazy!

Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh. This book was AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! I freaking love everything in it! I have nothing but praises! And demand to have FIRE in my Kindle ASAP! Translation: I need it—NOW!

Captain Jade Elliott of the United States Army earned her position to be the first woman to ever grace the Army. She’s one tough chick, excellent sniper and a whole package of badass and sexiness. But a girl has needs and her being sent off on a secret mission with her being the only female in a group, she’s got a man (or men) for the job. Only doing so would cause her entire career to blow up like a nuclear.

Commander Kaleb Maverick is good at his job. Being a member of an elite military group had its perks and one of those was he could pick his team and they would be at his disposal. The same thing happened when he was called to lead a secret mission. It’s just that nothing could prepare him for this mission of his life. Because this time, it’s really the girl he’s after.

This book was so freaking hot! Like you’ll literally need ice after reading it. From page one down to end, I was captivated by the story and Kathy’s and Hilary’s writing. I wasn’t sure how the authors did it but the chemistry between Kaleb and Jade was exploding perfectly in every page. But what do we get really when a dominant Kaleb meets an equally badass Jade? I’m telling you now—you’ll need extra ice for cooling down! And while it’s beyond sexy and romantic because I expected nothing less from Kaleb (the guy can be sweet really), it maintained the military side of things which I loved as well! I swear this book had my heart racing like I ran a few miles with zombies behind me!

So to make things clear and short: ICE has it all for a military romance book—strong characters, very good story, excellent writing, off the charts sexy times and chemistry, heart-pounding, adrenaline-filled action scenes. This book will go under my all-time favorite military books and I can’t wait for FIRE!!! I highly recommend this to mil-rom suckers (like me)!

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