REVIEW: Hit the Spot by J. Daniels

hit-the-spotSeries: Dirty Deeds #2
Release Date: December 6, 2016
Rating: 3/5
I volunteered to review an ARC from the publisher.
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Is this love or just a game?

Tori Rivera thinks Jamie McCade is rude, arrogant, and worst of all . . . the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on. His reputation as a player is almost as legendary as his surfing skills. No matter how her body heats up when he’s around, she’s determined not to be another meaningless hookup.

Jamie McCade always gets what he wants. The sickest wave. The hottest women. And Tori, with her long legs and smart mouth, is definitely the hottest one. He knows Tori wants him-hell, most women do-but she won’t admit it. After months of chasing and one unforgettable kiss, it’s time for Jamie to raise the stakes.

Jamie promises that soon Tori won’t just want him in her bed, she’ll be begging for it-and he might be right. Somehow he’s found the spot in her heart that makes her open up like never before. But with all she knows about his past, can she really trust what’s happening between them? Is Jamie playing for keeps or just playing to win?

This book can be read as a stand-alone.

It felt like forever waiting for Jamie’s book when the fact of the matter was I just waited for two short months. And I could say that Hit the Spot fit the bill of a hella good time, smexy read.

Jamie McCade’s got it bad for the Whitecaps’ waitress, Tori Rivera, who’s done nothing but to dodge him and her attraction over the award-winning surfer. And who’d have blamed her, really? What? After finding out the man she’s dated was actually married and have kids? She made a promise to herself she wouldn’t go through that again and even with Jamie’s charm, hotness and his sexy wavy hair, his dimpled face couldn’t make her risk her heart again. Oh, and Jamie being the biggest playboy in the planet just hit the final nail in the coffin for her. But Jamie, gosh the man had a laser focus and it was zeroed in on Tori. And even when he knew all along how Tori felt about him, a bet would’ve made it more fun. A bet on who’s going to beg first for each other for sex. A bet that would lay all their feelings down on the line.

Jamie for all his cocky, unapologetic attitude, totally confident of himself surely had a hidden spot underneath him. Yes, he was a playboy. Yes, he slept around and didn’t commit to anything other than surfing. But also yes, he’d remain to be what he was before BUT minus the sleeping around part. He could do that. He could do that for Tori. He’s also got this penchant for doing something important for Tori stealthily. And to think that he cared enough to do that and more extremes in the whole spectrum spoke volumes of what a man he really was when it comes to the woman he loved.

Tori, on the other side, was damaged by her previous relationship. So she really was not rushing to have another in a short span of time. The girl knew how to play her cards dirty and right when it came to their bet. As a character, she was okay in the sense there were times I admired her strength to resist Jamie. Times when I adored her for caring about Jamie’s sister. Other times, she was annoying and confusing. I got lost somehow by the end because of her attitude that was totally uncalled for.

I couldn’t say there was a falling in love part on Jamie’s end when it was already a dead giveaway just from the beginning of the book. Heck, it was even implied on the first book, Four Letter Word. It was downright insta-love and insta-lust right there. But the attraction between them? It cranked up the heat in scorching levels. In true J. Daniels fashion, the love scenes were solid, done often and not far in between. She got that in the bag for sure. While that was covered successfully, I didn’t think there was something special about the plot. It developed, sure, in the way that they fall in love with each other and the it was pretty much light on the drama, lotsa sex and back and forth bickering, truths (most of which were Tori’s and less of Jamie’s) but other than that? It felt a little too flat for me. And as someone who’d anticipated this next book, I couldn’t say I was thrilled in the entirety of it. The depth that I was expecting considering its length didn’t deliver. There were scenes that kind of dragging for my taste and the conflict towards the end was unconvincing, a little flimsy. The excessive usage of “straight up” (Jamie’s expression) was also tiring. May kind of be a hit or miss for some. (It was a miss for me, sadly.)

There was one after-sex scene that kind of bothered me when Jamie’s d-bag attitude materialized and I wanted to smack his gorgeous surfer face just for that.

Overall, I don’t think I love love this one. I don’t think it was better than the first book either. It was just… okay. Brian (Trouble) and Syd (Wild) and the whole crew of Whitecaps was an added fun considering they helped a lot in the progress of the story. And if you’re a J. Daniels fan, I don’t think you’d want to miss Legs and Loser’s HEA.

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