REVIEW: Her Secret, His Surprise by Paula Altenburg

her-secret-his-surpriseAuthor: Paula Altenburg
Release Date: July 14, 2014
Rating: 3/5
Source: ARC was provided through NetGalley
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Conflict of interest is an understatement…

Since being disowned by her strict father, Cass Stone has spent her adulthood trying to prove him wrong. Her drive has led to more success than her family ever thought she’d achieve, and life is looking great. Not even an incredible and mysterious one night stand that leaves her a single mom can trip her up…until the father of her baby stumbles back into her life, as sexy and unreliable as ever.

Logan Alexander hasn’t forgotten the night he spent with Cass two years ago, but he never expects to end up undercover as her assistant. His job saves lives—like it should have saved his brother—and he can’t afford complications. It’s difficult enough to maintain his cover as a carefree wanderer when he realizes his attraction to Cass hasn’t faded…and then he meets Cass’s daughter.

Cassiopeia Stone was never the favorite girl of her father. In fact, he disowned her a lot of times because of her attitude. Cass couldn’t care less though. She can take care of herself, she has a job that she loves (engineer at an aerospace company) and a promotion is in the works. She has this carefree vibe that she carries so well. So a one-night stand to a bartender who seems to be on the same page with her isn’t a bad thing. Two months ago, that’s what she thought.

Logan Alexander lives a very mysterious life. Which isn’t surprising considering he works as an undercover for an intelligence agency. Him landing as the temp admin assistant to Cass was nothing but a surprise. And him finding she has a daughter who looks like a copycat of him is the biggest of them all.

This is my first attempt to the secret baby trope and I feel like I missed something important.

The story revolves around Cass and Logan who had a one-time thing two years ago. Cass was a bad girl and Logan was well, unstable, because of his job that requires him to go to places secretly. Cass had to woman up because two months after that thing with him and she’s knocked up and the father of her child couldn’t be reached because after all he’s just a bartender and he couldn’t afford child support. At least, that’s what she thought.

I really like Cass character. She’s intelligent, driven and strong. I like how the book emphasized the gender equality in their aerospace work force. As for Logan, I couldn’t really connect with him though and the feelings he had for Cass. Actually, I don’t think they have that chemistry at all. There was spark but it wasn’t enough. It felt forced for me. I liked how he went fatherly over their daughter, though. Their moments as father-daughter were funny and priceless.

There was also so much going on in the book (investigation, push and pull of feelings) that I felt kind of lost. Their feelings for each other weren’t fully processed that it somehow turned out to be forced. Like the only reason they had that feelings because of their daughter and that was it. I was also looking forward to the sexy times because I thought it would be hot but I was disappointed because the book had very, very little of it.

I wish the author worked out on the romance part well and more because it was definitely lacking in that department.

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