REVIEW + Giveaway: HardBall by CD Reiss

hard-ball-2Author: CD Reiss
Genre: Sports romance
Release Date: March 29, 2016
Rating: 3/5
Source: ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

Perfect ass.

Perfect arms.

Perfect swagger.

They call Dash Wallace the Diamond King.

He’s the hottest commodity in baseball and in the bedroom.

When he runs the bases, every woman’s eyes are glued to his stunning body and a smile that puts the night lights to shame.

I’m no queen. I’m a regular girl with a regular job. I just watch him on TV and from the bleachers, season after season.

Girls like me grab a guy like that one in a million times.

My number just came up, and he is as spectacular in bed as he is on the field.

But there’s not a woman in the world who can distract Dash Wallace from the game. Not for a moment. Not even me.

Until the night I do. And everything changes.

I’ve always been on the look out for a CD Reiss book release because her writing is really out of this world amazing and her stories have always been unique and the kind that pushes you too hard. Hardball is like that and more.

Vivian Foster, a school librarian to an elementary school, has never in a million years imagined she’d be face-to-face with The Diamond King, Dash Wallace, during a field trip with her third grader class. Aside from the fact that she’s 101% ordinary and Dash is a freaking legend, she wasn’t expecting a verbal war with him. Sure, she admires the guy from afar but that one encounter kind of sealed the deal of her assumptions that he’s a d-bag. So what on earth would he want from her that he actually took time to visit her at her workplace?

Dash Wallace is the epitome of perfection—solid career in baseball because of his great talent, huge money, hot bod, pretty face. And a huge believer of luck. That’s why when he noticed something was missing from his life after that uneventful field trip, he’s got to fix that. Immediately. And the only way to do it was to pay that school librarian a visit and see her for himself.

First off, I was so surprised that what I thought to be a funny book turned out to be one of those emotionally packed stories with a lot of Shakespeare, books and poetry. It’s not that it’s a bad thing. I honestly loved those aspects in my books. And while that implied a little bit serious tone in the story, the fun moments and the text conversations between Vivian and Dash balanced it all out. I also loved the father-daughter relationship of Viv and his dad. It’s very heartwarming.

The most unique thing I’ve never expected for CD Reiss to include in her book was her flawed (it’s a different kind of flaw) hero and the his self-growth. It’s awesome how he progressed to be this fully-grown man that deserved Vivian. Because Vivian alone was perfect. At least until it’s almost the end. I loved that she had reservations with Dash and totally understandable considering the man wasn’t a saint. And she stood up for what she knew was right—for her and for Dash. I guess what didn’t sit right to me was she somehow faltered on the end? Like the girl I was expecting to know better just went with the flow because that’s the norm? It’s not much of a big deal, really, but I wished she could’ve slowly walked in to that path of no return. I would’ve really loved Dash Wallace because of his perfections and imperfections. I mean, who wouldn’t swoon when a gorgeous man start spewing out Shakespeare pieces, poetry and literary criticism? Well, duh, not me of course! I’ve always loved an intelligent person and Dash knew his English lit well. Though he looked perfect on the outside, he’s pretty much… sensitive. I would’ve even loved that from him but I was definitely grossed out by his man-whore ways (which I dislike) that I cannot unread them. Even after all he’d done to win Vivian and they’re pretty grand and the sweetest, I still couldn’t make him a BBF. Even when you add up how exceptional he is in bed. I wished the author didn’t have to include that. I find it hard to connect with a character after such horrible actions. But maybe that’s just me?

I really like how Vivian and Dash are completely Venus and Mars though. They’re so dynamic that every part of their differences match. And they made it work for them. I wouldn’t say they’re one of my powerhouse couples but I’d definitely put them under special pairs.

Overall, I would say Hardball was pretty good story-wise as it touched a delicate issue but still maintained the hotness and sweetness of elements that the author mixed with her excellent narration. Something in there didn’t add up though but was still okay if you’re a hardcore reader of CD Reiss works.


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