REVIEW: Fire by Hilary Storm and Kathy Coopmans

fire-cover-2-copyAuthors: Hilary Storm and Kathy Coopmans
Series: Elite Forces #2
Release Date: April 26, 2016
Rating: 4/5
Source: ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review
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The moment you think you have it all is when it all vanishes right before your eyes.

He had one final mission, but who knew it would go wrong? Kaleb Maverick is now fighting for his life. The life he wants to share with the woman he loves. The Fire inside him not only burns for her, it sizzles.

Jade Elliott has lost one man in her life. She’s determined not to lose another. The coldness in her heart can’t handle another loss like that. She refuses to let Kaleb go.

He’s the Fire to her Ice. She’s the Ice to his Fire. Together they cause an explosion so hot that someone is bound to get torched.

Fire was… whew! One hell of an action-packed, consuming ride! It has maintained its over-the-edge, dangerous vibes packed with explosive chemistry, love so deeply-rooted and scorching hot scenes that could make your reading devices smoke with so much heat.

Kaleb Maverick never knew he’d fall hard in love with Jade Elliott. But he did and it was the best feeling in the world. Until it wasn’t anymore because he knew once the enemy learned about his weakness, Jade, they’d come after her and would do everything to make him suffer through her. He needed Jade to become clueless of his plans but Jade wasn’t the one to be kept in the shadows. Now everything’s on the line including his mother, his sister and the love of his life as the targets of the enemy they didn’t see coming.

If you’ve read the first book, Ice, you probably couldn’t get this final book fast enough because of how things ended there. Fire picked up right where Ice left off and OH. MY. GOODNESS. The adrenaline from the danger of it all is amazing! Amazing in a way that it’s really military with all the intelligence, strategy, torture, filth, deception, drugs, death injected in the book. It’s all things military. All. The. Things! And I love it so much!

It wasn’t an easy road for Kaleb and Jade because not only they’re facing the one person they didn’t expect to be their enemy but also because of Jade’s struggle to become Kaleb’s equal. And to think that Kaleb should know better than treat her otherwise. It was everything Jade’s been working hard for since the beginning after all. And I admire that equality theme a lot. These two characters have come a long way from being each other’s nothing to each other’s everything. It was interesting to know that they both matured so much as a team, as a couple. Their love was way more intense, stronger and overwhelming (in the best way) than it was before! And don’t even get me started on the sex scenes. My, military romance has never been this hot! Hot! Hot!

Fire was a full-on battle of wills, Mr. Alpha vs Ms. Alpha, of who’s going to dominate who, so emotional, dramatic and tragic all at once but in the end it was satisfying. It was pretty fast-paced and suspenseful and so very hot. The ending could’ve been stronger, more solid though because it felt like a little rushed and the way the authors wrapped things up with the characters’ opponent seemed to be a bit… easy.

Overall, I think any military romance lovers wouldn’t want to miss out on this.

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