REVIEW + Giveaway: Forever & Ever, My Greek Billionaire by Marian Tee

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Confession: I don’t know how I managed to write a review (I might even be babbling but bear me with me? Please?) about this book because to be honest? As of this writing, I’m still reeling over the loss of the serial that not once broke my heart and shattered it to pieces (but that’s a good thing). I’m actually having a book hangover that I downloaded the book’s recommended playlist (two of the songs had me bawling like a baby because too much feels) and reread twice now after 1-clicking it and even after receiving an ARC from the author herself. Yep, you might think I’m a masochist for doing that but it’s just too beautiful and well, okay, painful but you get that right? Haha!

My love for this serial is just too much. If only I could rate this book 6 (or hell, even 10!) out 5? I would. But it’s not possible so I’m giving it a solid 5/5.

If you haven’t read Stavros and Willow’s story yet, why on earth haven’t you?! What’s stopping you? I suggest you start now before reading this review of the serial’s final book. The prequel is free!

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Forever & Ever, My Greek Billionaire picks up right after Love, Your Greek Billionaire where I was left with gut-wrenching, I-cried-a-river cliffhanger ending. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I nearly killed Marian for breaking my achy, breaky heart with that.) Stavros Manolis is still, without a doubt, the arrogant, confusing, intimidating, infuriating, hot Greek billionaire of a bastard and Willow Somerset, the sexy, smart-mouthed (ex) secretary that I knew from the first books.

Just from the prologue alone, I started to get emotional already because there’s really something deep about running by yourself under the rain. When I started running last year, it’s to keep my mind off things. When I run, I don’t think about anything. But not with rain. Running while it’s raining would just make your mind take a trip down to memory lane. The lane you’ve been avoiding because it just freaking hurt to go there. All the memories, good or bad, start to make their way in your mind until you couldn’t take it anymore and breakdown right there and there. That’s the case of our poor Willow, by the way.

Things didn’t get any better with the following chapters where Stavros took matters in his own hands… and failed, where Willow tried to make Stavros understand… and failed, too, where the author enjoyably stabbed hard a rusty knife in my chest and twisted it ve…ry slow…ly and not just freaking once because she. just. can, where I couldn’t remember a time not wanting to smash Stavros balls to knock some sense into his head because HE’S AN IDIOT, where I wanted to go in that certain chapter to comfort Willow because everything just so. freaking. hurt that I don’t think my heart could survive the damage. I’ve got to hand it down to Willow for having such a brave, persevering heart to do what she did. I don’t think everyone can do that.

The secondary characters of this book deserve a spotlight, too. Let me enumerate…

  1. Willem de Konigh (I don’t even know how to pronounce his surname! Haha! Just saying.) because I love how he put Stavros into his place and made him miserable for doing that to Willow.
  2. Ingrid Mendel because, well, I’m going to have to get in line to kill this bitch. Or maybe I’ll talk to Willow and convince her that I’ll gladly do the job for her. No questions asked.
  3. Serenity Raleigh because I love her and her ice queen persona. Confession: while reading, I was speaking her words the way I imagined her voice would be—cold, formal, feminine, elegant, even when she’s insulting Willow. I also love how her mind works! You better keep an eye on this one. She’s good!

Marian did an outstanding job in writing Stavros and Willow’s story. Reading FEMGB has been really an emotionally draining I’m-so-heartbroken-I-couldn’t-cry-anymore, exhilarating wild ride for me. Everything’s finally made sense! Family, friends, significant others—all there, too. It’s a perfect mix of everything opposite, pain, tears (bucket of tears!), love and joy—which I felt in every single word of this book. Just like when I read Me Before You which dried out my tear ducts. But I would never have it any other way, would never change a thing about it. More than anything, FEMGB has made me realize to always, always choose and hold on to love. Even when the road to choosing it won’t be easy. That, and never let the darkness of your past dim the brightness of your future… with the one you love. Because it’d be worth it all.

I am also very excited to read Willem and Serenity’s books!

To cap this review off, here’s a giveaway and we’ll have four winners no matter where you are in the world! Yay! (OMG, my first time to host/hold one! Ohh, the power of an excellent book! CAN I JOIN?! Hahahaha! JK!)

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