REVIEW: Everywhere and Every Way by Jennifer Probst

You know what I say about books not needing much sex to be bestsellers? This is one of them. It’s more of development and romance. And this book is the flawless blend of both.

everywhere-and-every-wayAuthor: Jennifer Probst
Series: Billionaire Builders #1
Release Date: May 31, 2016
Rating: 5/5
Source: ARC was provided through NetGalley for review purposes
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Ever the responsible eldest brother, Caleb Pierce started working for his father’s luxury contracting business at a young age, dreaming of one day sitting in the boss’s chair. But his father’s will throws a wrench in his plans by stipulating that Caleb share control of the family business with his two estranged brothers.

Things only get more complicated when demanding high-end home designer Morgan hires Caleb to build her a customized dream house that matches her specifications to a T—or she’ll use her powerful connections to poison the Pierce brothers’ reputation. Not one to ignore a challenge, Caleb vows to get the job done—if only he can stop getting distracted by his new client’s perfect…amenities.

But there’s more to icy Morgan than meets the eye. And Caleb’s not the only one who knows how to use a stud-finder. In fact, Morgan is pretty sure she’s found hers—and he looks quite enticing in a hard hat. As sparks fly between Morgan and Caleb despite his best intentions not to mix business and pleasure, will she finally warm up and help him lay the foundation for everlasting love?

MY. GOODNESS! This book is amazing!! A solid start to a beautiful series!

I mean…

Hot builder + I-take-no-shit-from-anyone and classy home designer?

Sweaty, naked, packing an 8-pack, gorgeous builder + home designer who knows wood and all the home construction stuff like the back of her hand?

Equally stubborn, family issues, explosive chemistry and romantic story?



Caleb Pierce loves building homes for Pierce Brothers Construction even when his father’s (the owner) a cold-hearted man. He knows he’d replace him in the future especially since his two brothers showed no interest in the first place. But in one snap of a finger, things changes and now Cal has to work with them to keep the company. To add to his stress, he needs to accommodate Morgan Raine’s request to build a house for a celebrity couple because there’s no other way to start over the company he’s worked hard for. If only Morgan would stop showing up in the site with her pink working boots and pink hard hat and stop being the woman Cal wanted to take to bed because of her attitude and beauty.

Caleb is such a strong character. He’s bossy, likes to control things, well-ripped and can get swoony when he wants to be. He’s an a-hole but like… by only about 20%. Which was usually brought by his brothers. Though, I couldn’t really blame each of them. I mean they went on separate ways for five years and now they’re stuck with each other. So, just imagine the chaos. But really, even that, the author made it funny and serious all at once. It’s just the Jennifer Probst magic. And don’t get me started on how warm Cal was when it came to his dogs. He’s just a softy!! I love it!

Morgan, though. OMG. I love, love, looooove this woman!! She’s oozing with class, equally strong, can level Cal on his d-bag-ness and a HUGE KICKASS!! With her job of designing houses for the elite people, she’s perfect at what she does and doesn’t stay in a place permanently. Did I say she’s the epitome of prim and proper? Yep! And Cal calling her princess is spot on! She’s also the image of a perfectly polished career woman who dresses, talks and acts like one. She appeared to have secrets at first and it was kind of heartbreaking for me but she couldn’t be more right with her being a fighter. If I could befriend her, I so would! The girl has high spirits therefore is awesome!

Caleb and Morgan? Ha-ha-ha! They’re the perfect match in every way possible, even impossible. They balanced and complement each other. I enjoyed the bickering between Cal and Morgan and how they just fit together. They’re funny and sexy as hell! The story has some heavy themes but it added to the punch to make it more enthralling to readers.

The book also paved way to somehow know each of the Pierce brothers, their love interests and the conflicts the next book may start with. I’m sure I couldn’t get enough of this series! So excited for book two!


Overall, Everywhere and Every Way is a well done, slow-burn, perfectly-paced romance with characters you can easily connect to, amazing storyline, and good development. It also helped that Jen knew her way with words and all the home designing things that made the book somehow artistic/creative to a point. Pick this up. It’s a must-read! Certainly one of my best reads this year!

P.S. I am seriously banging my head for not reading any Jennifer Probst book before!

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