REVIEW: Engaging the Bachelor by Cathryn Fox

engaging-the-bachelorAuthor: Cathryn Fox
Series: Pulse #1
Release Date: June 6, 2016
Rating: 4/5
Source: ARC was provided through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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Hot, Southampton doctor, Carson Reynolds isn’t the kind of man Gemma Carr should be playing with. But his offer of a fake engagement comes with sexy, late night house calls, and despite her bad girl reputation, it’s been far too long since she’s taken two and called anyone in the morning.

When Carson sees Gemma at a charity event, he knows he has to have her. It’s been ten years since he’s had her in his arms, but that hasn’t lessened his intense need for her. To save her reputation and get his parents off his back, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

It’s the perfect set-up—until this fake engagement starts to feel a little too real…

Engaging the Bachelor will set you on fire!!

Dr. McHottie Carson Reynolds couldn’t believe his very eyes when he saw the girl he’s been looking for, for ten years, after crashing his party, giving him her virginity and then she ran away without backward glance, in a charity event. He knew this time, he couldn’t let her get away that easily especially since he couldn’t seem to shake her off his system. Now it would be so convenient to use her as his fake fiancée and get his parents off his back. In return, he could save her jewelry business and continue making them for people and because it’s what she loved doing. They could satisfy each other’s needs until the end of the summer, move on with their lives after feigning a breakup. Easy, right? Not.

The book started out really good! And unexpectedly so hot just from the first few pages. Take note: they weren’t even having sex yet. The chemistry between Carson and Gemma was very solid as well as Cathryn’s writing. I mean—WHOA!!! REALLY MEAN STEAMY SCENES!


Carson. OMG. This man! He’s a keeper! He’s a very good doctor but a very bad boy… in bed! YUM YUM YUMMMMM!!! Haha! But seriously, he’s a reputable man who doesn’t sleep around and protective. Aaand he’s loaded. Literally and figuratively. He wasn’t really the marrying type because of his parents’ marital status but deep down he knew he wanted to settle down someday. He just needed to find the right woman because the women he usually met only want two things from him—his name and his wallet. Until he met Gemma. Gemma who basically threw herself on him, whom he didn’t even know the name but still took her virginity 10 years ago. And then she took off.

Gemma turned out to be a strong, independent woman after deciding she didn’t want to be like her mother who’s an alcoholic and has a constant stream of men in her life. She’s now making jewelries but it’s not enough especially since she needed more profit to acquire jewel stones. She’s also waitressing at a hospital cafeteria to double her income. I actually liked how fierce she was in the beginning but her inconsistency threw me off a bit. I mean, she couldn’t follow through with her initial decision regarding her relationship or lack thereof with Carson. That at first she was saying she wouldn’t sleep with him then the next, she’s practically begging him to take her. But other than that and her pretense of being someone she’s not, I would say she’s pretty decent. She’s vulnerable in a way that only Carson could protect her.

This second-chance romance wasn’t that bad especially because it was backed up with enough ER scenes (Dr. McHottie was an ER doc for the summer) but I wish the author had also explored the jewelry-making process of Gemma to make it fair. Also, the sex scenes could’ve been spaced out in a more suitable pacing. It got a little tiring since there wasn’t much progress to their fake engagement. Don’t get me wrong they were really Tessa Bailey + Elle Kennedy kind of hot because of buildup and dirty talk but there ya go. There’s also my dislike of Gemma’s initial indecisiveness.

But overall, it’s a quick, hot read that satisfies the HEA fangirl in me and I will await the next book in the series!


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