ARC Review: Dr. OB(scene) by Max Monroe

Series: St. Luke’s Docuseries #1
Release Date: April 25, 2017
Rating: 4/5
I volunteered to review an ARC.
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It’s just a docuseries about your career as an OB/GYN, they said.
It won’t interrupt your life during or after filming, they said.
It is a great opportunity for the hospital and your practice, they said.

Well, they—the television executives who seem intent on ruining my career and personal life with a fair number of creative liberties—lied.
Now I’m stuck dealing with the consequences of believing them.

Instead of being known as Dr. Will Cummings, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology at St. Luke’s Hospital, I’m now being called Dr. Obscene.

What devotion I’d hoped to earn in respect, I’ve instead received in patients flashing me seductive smiles and flirtatious winks during their exams.

How’s a guy supposed to convince the most perfect woman he’s ever met that he’s not as much of an idiot in real life as he appears to be on camera?

With all of the show’s side effects taking root like parasites, it’s going to take a lot to persuade Melody Marco to be anything more than my new nurse.
But I can’t get her out of my head.

I want her.

Good thing I’ve never been one to back away from a challenge…

Get ready, Melody.

The doctor is in.

My kind of modern fairy tale consists of a pussy-whipped man falling madly deeply in love with a fiery woman. And one of my favorite story tellers is Max Monroe. This duo never fails to grace us with this kind of force that’s a chocolate factory to female readers looking for a dirty, a little bit crazy and sweet happily-ever-after.

Let’s start off with the pussy whipped male character, Dr. Will Cummings. It was such a delight to witness him crumble, after his professional and respectable profile as the head of St. Luke’s obstetrician unit was jeopardized when The Doctor Is In started airing. I felt sorry for the guy and I belly laughed at his downfall while women both young and old made their cringe-y advances. It was a relief that the man was such a great sport. Low key but brilliant. Awkward and cheesy, but definitely brings in the romantic gestures right on cue. His antics were swoony and I’d panted right along with Melody Marco most especially when he’d shift from beta to alpha. I’m not the type who’d want my cherry under the perusal of a male OB/GYN, but if it’s Will Cummings? No questions asked. Sign me up and take my money Doc.

My affection towards nurse Melody Marco didn’t come as easily as I hoped. For one, she started rough and tough. I sure wanted a tad finesse. Her inner musings (about her ex, Janet and Marlene) were repetitive but eventually eased out towards the middle of the story. She tugged at my heartstrings upon realization of her true passion – to help women with little to no pre-natal care. Those were definitely her shining moments. Melody can be a little impulsive, but she sure as hell is smart, efficient and has a heart of gold.

Aside from the playful banters, the sexy times were explosive making this an even more unputdownable read for me. I promise, you will combust! Max Monroe nailed the chemistry that I got the same feeling as when I read them the first time. The relationship’s growth from boss slash subordinate, to friends, then finally to lovers, blossomed smoothly and nothing felt forced. The conflict was uncomplicated but still stung, maybe because Mel and Will wasn’t just a hot couple but they became a team that’s hard to knock down. My feelings for the hero had a tiny dent after that major conflict, because hello Will? How could you miss that?

Dr. OB(scene) is filled with that classic Max Monroe seal – fresh and out of this world humor, titillating attraction and heartwarming. I will admit some parts felt like fillers, not adding much value much to the plot, nevertheless they were very entertaining. Character’s inner monologues were interactive adding more fun to the story. Finally, the epilogue couldn’t have been more perfect. I don’t want to ruin it for you, but best to describe it as priceless! To all Bad Boy Billionaires fans, you wouldn’t want to miss this because the whole gang is back to save the day, bringing in the warmth and camaraderie.

I know it will be such a treat to get to know the other hot doctors of the St. Luke’s docuseries. Come on, really, who wouldn’t want to pass out good and fall in love all over again?

P.S. Go look up romantic comedy in the dictionary, Max Monroe is definitely in there!

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