ARC Review: Dr. Neuro(tic) by Max Monroe

Series: St. Luke’s Docuseries #3

Release date: August 29, 2017

Rating: 5 / 5

ARC generously provided for an honest review. 

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Dr. Nick Raines wants nothing more than to keep his head on straight and his daughter in his life.

But does that really have to mean he can’t have love?

It’s a battle: Head vs. Heart.

I have a new flavor of the month and that is Dr. Neuro(tic) by Max Monroe, book three of the St. Luke’s docuseries. What a great way to punctuate this series with another romantic comedy so rich topped with some bittersweet tang!

I must admit, I was hesitant about Nick Raines when I first heard that he’s getting his story. From what I gathered from the Bad Boy Billionaires series, he was this asshole who left Winnie and their daughter Lexi for greener pastures. But much to my surprise, I didn’t dislike Nick at all –  I adored him. Shy, subdued at the beginning then slowly released his ammos with suave. Oh, he was such a sexy sneak when he finally made a move on Charlotte.

I could marry the guy for his brilliance and dedication in his chosen craft as a brain surgeon. A changed man, humble in accepting and determined in amending his past mistakes. And amidst all that responsibility, still loving the shit out of Charlotte.

Just like Winnie, I wanted Charlotte Hollis out of the picture and keep this dream boat of a doctor to myself, the dilemma is I also liked the girl. Charlotte’s all sunshine and vibrancy, and just what Nick needed in his monotonous life. She’s also hard working but knows how to cap off each day with fun.  I loved that she’s loyal to her profession and dreams big for herself.

My attachment to Nick and Charlotte was not only because of their effortless chemistry and amusing banters but more because of their emotional connection. And as a reader I felt genuine love between these two even if the development was a bit fast.

I didn’t expect to get so affected by the turn of events even though I already had hunch on how things will play out. I admired how Nick and Charlotte handled these difficult circumstances with maturity, albeit being extremely heart broken. They acted truthful to the painful reality that some things needed time and thinking.

Dr. Neuro(tic) was beautifully tied up that gets me all emotional and sappy just thinking about how Max Monroe gave every character their happy ending. I even saw more closure for Winnie Winslow in this story. Bless this woman’s heart! I guess the only missing piece is Remy’s own HEA.

I eagerly and highly recommend Dr. Neuro(tic) to those looking for that seamless mix of steam and heart. You will fall for its unforgettable and sweet moments; its light take on unconventional relations with treasures of moving forward and forgiveness. This story tells us that life is a big fat surprise and even the wise can fall when faced with true love. Max Monroe created another gold and I can’t wait to embrace more from this unstoppable duo!

“The heart wants what the hearts wants.”

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