Book Review: Dr. ER(otic) by Max Monroe

Series: St. Luke’s Docuseries #2
Rating: 4.5 / 5

Dr. Erotic.
That’s what they’ve decided to call me, Scott Shepard, the head of St. Luke’s Hospital Emergency Department.
Just thinking about it makes me smile.
As the new face of the reality docuseries, The Doctor Is In, I plan to take his power and recognition right to the streets of New York City and into the pants of willing women.

Well, that was my plan.

Until her—feisty, beautiful, and addictively sexy Harlow Paige.
A gossip columnist that just loves writing about yours truly, she’s everything I thought I never wanted and then some.
She drives me crazy.
Problem is, she doesn’t want to be anything when it comes to me—not friends, not lovers, not even adversaries.
God, I love a good challenge.
Get ready, Harlow. Love is contagious.

Dr. ER(otic) is one of those romantic comedies I wish I could read again like it’s the first time. I was damn sure I closed my e-reader with a silly grin on my face and I all but whooped because the Max Monroe I knew from the Bad Boy Billionaires series is back with its signature touch.

Who to blame for this killer happiness? Harlow and Dr.Scott. Oh my, this pair just fit so perfectly. Harlow is hands down one of the most chill and drama free heroine I have ever read. Don’t get me wrong she’s not the easy type. She was annoyed by Scott from the get go, which I found different from the typical heroine who got immediately enthralled by the hero. Sure, inside she was swooning but damn if she easily showed it.

Scott had to up his moves just to get a date with this girl. And let me tell you he was smooth, charming and persistent with a touch of douchebagery. Playful and naughty in every sense but I’d more than swooned for his love for his profession.

I loved that Scott and Harlow were collected and easy when it came down to taking their relationship to the next level. Their passion for each other just bloomed naturally even though they have commitment issues. It even became more beautiful with the shit storm they had to go through together. These two were interesting individually but they were even more magnetic together. They owned their personalities and this love story.

The twist half way through was rich and the circumstances were surprising. I also loved the parentals that bring in more heart and balance to its oozing sexiness. There was this premise revolving around Harlow that felt slightly similar to that of Dr. OB(scene)’s but it’s just a minor dent and didn’t stop me from loving the book.

If you are feeling blue and in need of a feel-good romance then I highly recommend Dr. ER(otic) by Max Monroe. I promise, Harlow and Scott will slowly grow on you and will have you completely captivated when you reach the end. You’ll have a good laugh with the secondary characters and get touchy feely with the layered story line as well. I even shed a tear or two. How’s that for a romantic comedy?

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