REVIEW: Devoured by Marian Tee

devouredAuthor: Marian Tee
Release Date: April 26, 2016
Rating: 4/5
Source: ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.
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Scarred and disillusioned by his ex-wife’s betrayal, gorgeous and powerful billionaire Luca Valencia has become even more ruthless in the corporate arena and unapologetically heartless when discarding women who mistakenly think they’re the ones to change him.

But for his young daughter, he’s willing to risk marriage for the second time.

However, it would be on his terms, and he decides to take a leaf out of his friend Rafe’s book by hiring a woman carefully screened for his needs.

That woman is Vivian Day, whose innocence makes her a trustworthy companion for his daughter…and whose desperate circumstances would make her unable to afford saying no to his proposition.

Before reading Devoured

Oh yay look another Marian Tee ARC! Italian billionaire, yum! And OMG standalone!! FYAAAAH!!!

Oh yay look another Marian Tee ARC! Italian billionaire, yum! And OMG standalone!! FYAAAAH!!!

After reading Devoured



Devoured is like a Cinderella love story with its billionaire-falls-for-a-poor-girl but definitely funnier, sweeter with a whole lot more sexiness, and a fill of heartache that is Marian Tee’s modern taste you read in her books.

Italian billionaire Gianluca Valencia has learned his lesson that all women change from good to bad after his childhood lover turned wife turned ex-wife dumped him for another man when Luca’s finances went out of hand. Like a blessing in disguise, she gifted him a very beautiful daughter named Eula whom he loves dearly. But Eula is growing up and she’s seeking a mother’s presence and love. Luca’s got one for the job—Vivian Day—but she should know Luca doesn’t do love anymore. And it should stay that way even when the chemistry between them is oozing whenever they’re near each other.

The book started really good for me. Billionaire who worked his way up because some girl chose to broke his heart and fuck with him and a girl who worked her ass off double-time because she had loans to pay. Said billionaire needed a wife but only because of his daughter. The love and feelings department he didn’t care at all. And that gave Luca the upperhand over Vivian.

Let me be clear that Luca wasn’t really a d-bag. In fact, I loved him because of his love for his daughter. But add in the billionaire, I-take-no-shit-from-anyone, I-get-whatever-I-want, I’m-great-in-bed-really personality and he might even be one of my favorite Marian Tee heroes next to Yuri. Because to be honest, he could be sweet and funny. So he’s pretty decent. Vivi, on the other hand, had no choice because Luca made an offer she couldn’t resist. I mean, the first time she and Eula met, they clicked. Right away. And though Vivi seemed to be naive, she knew how to read Luca and she’s sensitive to people around her. She had this warm personality that I instantly loved. And her being a mom to Eula, maaan she’s good!

While Devoured was OMG so freaking hot and nice, Marian won’t be Marian without the pain she inflicts her readers with. This one was not an exception. I’m just very grateful that it didn’t involve cheating or I’d really have to end Marian’s life like it’s my life mission. Doesn’t mean though that it wasn’t heartbreaking. Because it was. And once again, if it were up to me, I’d have Luca grovel in a rough surface full of small rocks that’s sure to destroy his skin and then when he came near Vivi to apologize for his sorry ass, I’d put salt over his open wound and laugh. Out. Loud. Well, that’s my mean self because the heartache was really miserable and terrible. I wish Marian prolonged his suffering more. Haha! Props to Vivi for making his life a bit of hell during that time because of her icy calmness.

Just like in every Marian Tee book that I read and reviewed, I underwent a series of different emotions that made me have a love-hate relationship with her. And even when she made me hate the world because of that devastating scenes, Devoured was still very enjoyable to read. I just wished she included more Vivi and Luca moments before they get married. Like you know, perhaps they dated first, get-to-know-me-and-you stage. But she made up on that cheesy and way too sizzling ending that’s sure to keep us all satisfied. SOOO GOOOOD!

Overall, if you want a quick, hot and a good book to pick up, this is for you. Just a warning though: when you read a Marian Tee book, you won’t. Leave. Unscathed! That’s for sure! So prepare your guns, aim at her and do. Not. Miss. Haha! As for Marian’s fans, this is a must-read!

Now Marian, who was that Greek billionaire you’re referring to? I feel like I know him and I hate him. Haha! And can we please have more of these two?!

It's sweet, so freaking hot and painful. My heart is torn. Did I say painful?

It’s sweet, so freaking hot and painful. My heart is torn. Did I say painful?

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