Review: Delicious Complication by Sabrina Sol

Series: Delicious Desires #2
Release Date: September 28, 2015
Rating: 5/5
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Temptation is a dish best served hot…

Event planner Daisy Robles can’t remember a time when celebrity restaurateur?and celebrated playboy?Brandon Montoya didn’t make her nuts. His infuriating arrogance, his hotness…his undeniable sexual energy. One night and whole lot of expensive tequila later, Daisy’s self-control is AWOL. And Brandon’s making her crazy in all the right ways.

When their tequila-fueled make-out session hits the tabloids, Brandon is furious. At least until he realizes his “relationship” with Daisy is his chance to get his ill mother to Los Angeles for treatment. All he has to do is convince Daisy to be his pretend fiancée for two weeks…

The deal? No sex and no falling in love. But all it takes is a little heat to find themselves in a deliciously compromising position…

Can I just say I wanted to hug this book tight and never let it go? This is my first Sabrina Sol book and I am completely surprised by how much I enjoyed it! The story’s super cute and fun, sexy and dare I say emotional towards the last few chapters. Sabrina’s narrative is so interesting that I couldn’t put the book down even if I tried.

Brandon Montoya is at his prime of putting up another restaurant (his third one) but he couldn’t seem to focus on that because they were having setbacks in the location and he’s thinking of how to convince his mother to go to LA from Puerto Rico for her cancer to be treated. Until a sort of scandal the night he was with Daisy and almost something happened turned out to be an opportunity he wouldn’t dare pass up. If Daisy agrees to be his fiancée.

Daisy isn’t as successful as Brandon when it comes to business but she doesn’t let that fact get in the way of her dreams to become a successful wedding planner. She’s attracted to Brandon but him knowing this would only make his ego go big. But a successful event night and their guards down caught them off guard by how much things are simpler, comfortable and right–when they’re not busy cutting the throat of one another.

Two weeks. That’s how long they’re going to pretend they’re in love with each other so Brandon’s mom could stay because his mom was very eager to meet her future daughter-in-law. In exchange of this, Brandon has to make Daisy meet Christian and Mira so she could business-talk them to getting her as their wedding planner. Christian and Mira’s wedding is a big one and could be her career’s stepping stone to plan celebrity weddings. I really liked this phase of their “relationship”. They turned from enemies to fake lovers to friends because of the move that Brandon did for the sake of his mom’s health. They got to know each other here very well, being friends–sometimes friends who’d kill one another–without sleeping together yet but you could feel they were just holding themselves back to not complicate matters.

While I really love Brandon, his dedication, loyalty and humor, I couldn’t help loving Daisy’s character more. She gave herself less credit when she’s doing something like a huge deal for the people around her. She can put up a fight with Brandon though she really had this vulnerable side that she’s hidden so well. I loved how she didn’t force herself on Brandon and stood her ground for him to realize she wouldn’t want to get in the way of his entrepreneurial dreams.

Brandon and Daisy’s chemistry was electric even from the start. It helped that their bickering only intensified their connection. Nothing was rushed and they only got to have sex when it was about halfway of the story. And it was done tastefully–in a filthy sort of way. Haha!

I am glad that both characters have hidden depths inside them and the author has shown them all in flying colors. This gave them the layers I didn’t expect they had in the beginning of the story. And it made me understand them in the right light. Brandon was a bit of a jerk in certain parts of the book which made me to smack his beautiful, arrogant face.

The story was loaded with Spanish stuff which I found very charming, laughter, hotness, right amount of heart-wrenching emotions and a whole heap of love, chemistry and many complication on top of every complication. I am seriously in love with everything about this book!

Delicious Complication has just secured a spot in my Top Faves of 2017! And we’ll see if the next one (Brandon’s lawyer and Brandon’s twin sister) lives up to/exceeds its predecessor!

*This is the second book in the series but it can be read as is. You won’t get confused or anything.

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