Review + Giveaway: Subordination by Katie Ashley

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I signed up for this book tour because the plot sounds interesting and a first time for me to read about a female dom and a male sub, as opposed to the usual male dom/female sub where the man gets the upper hand.

So it’s very surprising that I love a story like this. I mean, I don’t really read much D/s trope because. But this one, it’s unexpectedly awesome! It’s captivating. Based on observation, it’s well-researched, too—which is a huge advantage. The first part for me came out to be a bit dark because of the settings of Club 1740 and I commend Katie for that because it felt like I was transported to that place.

Sophie, the very strong heroine that I absolutely adore, became a dom not because she wanted to be one but because she needed the money. But I wouldn’t know that because she donned the dom crown like a boss, like she’s born to do just that. Everything was going smoothly until she met the Henry Cavill-lookalike William, who’s a sub. And William being a cocky ass asked something from Sophie, his dom, a thing she couldn’t refuse. Because hello chemistry! Though they were both perfectly flawed, it made them more real, more relatable.

Their D/s relationship was a bit complicated because of personal interest. And I couldn’t blame them. Both of them are uniquely different and have choices of their own. What I wasn’t prepared for was that plot twist! OMG, I didn’t see that coming! But praises for Katie for that!

Overall, I loved Subordination because it went beyond my usual D/s book. It’s intelligent, well-written, emotional, deep, will pull your heartstrings and truly enjoyable.



subordination katie ashely


My steps faltered as I did a double take at the sight of what appeared to be a shirtless and shoeless Henry Cavill standing before me. The idea wasn’t entirely far-fetched since we’d had a few celebrities in the club. But as one of the strobe lights flickered to illuminate more of his face, I realized he was just a look-alike. His hair was lighter while his eyes were dark brown, rather than blue.

He was impossibly tall, and I couldn’t help staring at his muscular chest with its dusting of dark hair that led to an oh-so-happy trail that ended at the low hanging waistband of his jeans. He had an aura of importance about him, and I couldn’t help wondering who he was in real life.

He held my gaze for a moment before averting his eyes to the ground. “Good evening, Mistress.”

A submissive? I would have never imagined it in a million years. Even though I knew from my own clients that submissive men weren’t simpering pussies, there was something about this man that screamed dominant. Of course, the fact he was shoeless should have given his sub status away, but he wasn’t wearing a collar. A prime piece of submissive man like this usually belonged to someone. And if he didn’t, he would normally be snatched up by a domme practically before he got through the door, least of all across the dance floor. I couldn’t help wondering what his story was. More than anything, I wondered what it might be like to have a session with him. I so rarely took anyone on outside my usual clients. But it might be something fun for my last night in the club.

To test his true submissiveness, I commanded, “Look at me.”

He jerked his gaze from my boots to meet mine. “Are you looking to play tonight?”

“Yes, I am. And if it pleases you, mistress, I would be honored if you chose me.”

His voice. Sweet Jesus, was it was panty-melting. It totally went with his body—strong, firm, and deep. Although he had answered my question well, I still had my doubts. With all the strength I had, I reached out to firmly slap his cheek. The resounding smack echoed around us. A man playing at being a sub would have a distinct reaction. His eyes would darken with the rage seething within him at being treated so disrespectfully.

Oh, but not him. His face remained impassive. Yet at the same time, he shuddered, and his dark eyes flashed with a combustive mix of lust and desire. His reaction caused moisture to pool between my thighs. He reminded me of our horses back on the farm. He was a spirited stallion who needed a firm hand to break him, and damn me to hell if I didn’t want to be the one to do it.

Wanting to build the anticipation, I patted his cheek where I had previously slapped him. “I’ll think about it.”

“Yes, Mistress.” He bowed his head before backing up.

Damn, someone had truly trained him well. I stepped past him to head to the bar. My mouth had run dry, and I desperately needed a drink.


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