ARC Review: Body of the Crime by R. Scarlett

Series: Blackest Gold 2

Rating: 4.5 / 5

ARC provided for an honest review. 

Sequel to Vein of Love
Warning: 18+, cliffhanger.

Never trust a demon.
Never trust your heart.
And never trust the woman who holds it.
In Body of the Crime, a beast craved a beauty and oh, how she ravaged him.

Body of the Crime was dangerous but delectable. At this point, there’s really no going back. I am hooked and beyond captivated.

In here we see the plot and the characters grow. I loved the stronger and more confident Molly in this book. Version two-point-0 because she wasn’t the naïve girl anymore instead she became a vixen, more patient and determined to prove the demons her place, and more importantly rebuild Tensley’s trust. She was still being plagued by the gruesome events that transpired with Cree and Abadonn, still she carried on with fire accepting and embracing Tensley’s world hoping that in time the demon she’s developing feelings for would reciprocate. I celebrated in witnessing her control her rising strength and in the process, my earlier hesitation for this heroine switched into definite admiration.

I am so infatuated by Tensley Knight, it’s incomprehensible. In my wildest fantasies, we’re married and we’re having multiple demon babies. No sweat! R. Scarlett created this character with so much clarity. I felt his frustrations, his anger, and his confusion climbing up from the sheets. His motivations in this book are deeper, going past his obligations but more in commotion with following his “heart”. His love and loyalty to his family and men though bitter is strong and undeniable. I hated him sometimes when he’d continuously push Molly away but in the course I truly understood his dilemmas.

We see their relationship morph, in a state that’s still fuzzy but hopeful. We see them jealous and we see them lightheartedly bicker. We see them navigate their relationship, surrounded by even more hitches going on amongst the demon hunters, Scorpios and the underworld.

I almost had blue balls while waiting for Tensley to mark his territory but it was worth the wait. It was a hallelujah moment and it was hot, hot hot! Sorry for being over the top but R. Scarlett hit my erogenous parts. They were erotic and passionate but laced with funny antics.

“Oh god.” “No holy god here. Just a devil, dolcezza”.

To those who haven’t read this series and this book, please give this a shot. I promise the ride is epic! When I say ride and epic in one sentence, it means you’ll whoop, you’ll swoon, you will cringe, you will want to kill characters and you will love Tensley and Molly! I found the action scenes just slightly loose, I would have wanted them to be narrated with more blow to intensify the thrill. Other than that, everything else was hypnotizing.

My real life was a blur because I was submerged in this story with unexpected twists, budding complexities and more interesting and conflict-rocking secondary characters. R. Scarlett’s threaded words blossomed bit by bit in Body of the Crime. She didn’t only build a world with sharpness but she also made me feel at home with the characters giving me imprints of their every emotion. Tensley and Molly is a squad to die for!

“She was a storm, a fucking hurricane that had twisted his insides and made the once forgotten, frozen organ thud. Over and over again for her.”


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