REVIEW: Breathe Out by Martha Sweeney

I was slapped by a freaking cliffy in Breathe In so I really had no choice but to move on to the next book since I couldn’t bring myself to read others while I knew I had to read it. Breathe Out picks up right after the One Who Got Away moment where I don’t know whom I going to hate more—Joe or Emma.

Pre-Breathe Out Thoughts

  • Please let there be enough action.
  • Please no more cliffy.
  • Please let there be no more M/F/F, F/F scenes.
  • Please I want to see more of an open Emma.
  • Please HEA, please.

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As the story reveals more of Joe and Emma, I couldn’t help but to love even the little things about them. I learned to love their pain, their sadness, their joy and do I say the L-word towards each other? It wasn’t really that obvious/directly stated but for me, it’s really the little things they do for one another. I was so amazed by the progress of each character and the way they handle things. Okay, there’s no Joe and Emma really since the girl still defined them as just friends. (Huh, just friends my ass.) But of course, Joe wouldn’t acknowledge that. For him, it’s just for now—just friends for now. I really commend Joe not only because he’s a keeper in bed—or in the shower—but also he’s very patient and thoughtful of Emma. Martha wasn’t kidding when she posted this.

Things I Love About Breathe Out

  1. Finally! SOME SIZZLING HOT ACTION! WITH BLUE EYES! What it lacked from the first book made it up a huge lot on this one! Sexy time—anywhere, anytime, any freaking way. I love that the both of them just go with what they want and know exactly how to do it. Generous lovers, these two! Especially Joe delivering I-lost-count-of-times pleasure.
  2. Lots of firsts. I love it when the two of them try new things together. Couple material!
  3. Joe, the epitome of a book boyfriend. I never knew I’d like a not-so-jealous love interest. When things spiralled into what I think was damaging, Joe just kept his cool and acted like it’s nothing. Though it’s really not. I’m just in awe of how sure Joe’s feelings are for Emma and trusted her. A gentleman even, not wanting to try a certain sexual position because he thought it’s demeaning but still made sure of Emma’s wish to try it so they did. UGH, I LOVE THIS MAN!
  4. Sadie and her fondness for Joe. Better read carefully that scene! It was so funny!
  5. Năinai. I always love to hear/read Năinai’s thoughts. Always packed with so much wisdom!
  6. Joe’s enthusiasm to help Emma face her fears. Joe assisted Emma to drive a racetrack car knowing her fears for being inside a vehicle. You may say he’s pushing it but you know this is Joe we’re talking about, right? The only man who will never ever let anything bad happen to Emma? Like I said—perfect book boyfriend.
  7. It’s not all about just Joe and Emma. The series has more than enough family involvement that I like because both of them won’t be what they are now if not for the people surrounding them with love.
  8. Emma’s willingness to heal. I really appreciated it when Emma started to open up old wounds and went with what Năinai’s advice. It’s a huge deal for me since she’s opened her mind to it.
  9. Emma’s desire to try to let Joe in. AT LAST, she’s starting to open up to Joe (and us readers) even just a little bit more and in a slow pace but it’s better than nothing!
  10. This. Damn. Scene:
    *cue the tears*

    I cried at this one. I couldn’t help it okay!

I really, really love Breathe Out because of the ample light it shed from the first book. And the seemingly fast-paced finish. It’s still rich in narrative only it’s meatier now and very forthcoming. It’s also more emotional, gripping, heartwarming, and so beautiful—it’s making me teary again. This book made me want to bask in that feeling of slow but sure love that anchored Joe and Emma their spot to my Most Loved Book Couples list. (Sorry Emma—I had to). Totally well-deserved!

Post-Breathe Out Thoughts

  • Please let there be enough action. – *ROLLS EYES*
  • Please no more cliffy. – *BAWLS LIKE A BABY*
  • Please let there be no more M/F/F, F/F scenes. – *ZIPS MOUTH*
  • Please I want to see more of an open Emma. – *SMILES*
  • Please HEA, please. – *WINKS*

I am so glad I’ve given this opportunity to share moments with Joe and Emma and their families. (Thank you, Martha, for the amazing bunch of characters!) I’m not sure I could let them go. Yet. And how. I hope Emma prepared some notes for me—because I really don’t think I can and will.

Breathe Out releases September 15th!

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