#FilipinoFriday Book Review: Blossom Among Flowers by Jay E. Tria

“I think I’ve stopped relying on logic the moment I said yes to you.” -Takeshi Hinata

blossom-among-flowersAuthor: Jay E. Tria
Release Date: July 18, 2015
Rating: 5/5
Source: Gifted copy
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Reviewed by Nicci.

A taste of Japanese manga: Being invisible can’t be that hard, can it?

High school student Hikaru Saito is in trouble. She is failing English because she’d much rather bury her nose in the latest manga than study pronouns and prepositions. To keep her from getting kicked out of school, she is assigned a tutor in the form of the most popular boy in school: golden-haired genius Takeshi Hinata.

You’d think Takeshi would be Hikaru’s surefire way to academic success, but her stubbornness, lack of concentration, and general disinterest in things other than her precious manga frustrate Takeshi to no end. To make matters worse, a young, pretty boy teacher is determined to rescue Hikaru every chance he gets, riling Takeshi up even more—and confusing the hell out of Hikaru.

But as they spend more time together and get to know each other beyond their high school reputations, Hikaru and Takeshi enter a situation neither of them expected to find themselves in—one that factors in stolen kisses, controlling parents, a princess-in-hiding, and the deepest yearnings of a teenage heart.


This is the first I’ve read of Jay E. Tria, and I already love and admire the author for writing such a story that makes me feel like I’m reading a manga or watching snippets of class-A anime. Like seriously, I couldn’t deal with it the first few pages! Every other instance was like a manga page fresh off the press or a random memory deciding to come up in vivid detail to fuck up whatever I was currently doing. I couldn’t handle it, guys.

This book had a lot of things that I admire in anime and manga; the elegance in how the stories are told, the subtle romances, and the gasping drama that always somehow manages to trudge up horrors from when we were love-struck teenagers new to the field. Tria did an amazing job in writing the story because it was all so beautiful and breathtaking despite the not-so-romantic settings, like high school. Cause we all know high school was utter Hell.

Speaking of Hell…

I wanted to bitch slap the hell out of those two little cunnilingus twins whenever they picked on MY HIKARU. They were everywhere-fucking everywhere man-in this book. Horrible little bullies, and I swear to God, because of this whole manga-induced trip I was on at the time, every time they came on, I kept thinking of the evil anime girls that laugh like-


So that helped a bit lol. But yes, poor Hikaru was bullied in this book, and yet again, because the romance was strong with this one, it wasn’t such an issue so much as a means to waste a wish on turning into an anime character to hunt me some fucking-no-ass-no-class-*cough* It was just another great layer to add to the story.

Told from Hikaru and Takeshi’s POV, we got to see the way their personalities were. Hikaru was this adorably sweet slacker who couldn’t pass without Takeshi’s help. Her love for manga-*high five*-got her into trouble, but at the same time, it brought her a beautiful, golden-haired boy with more brains than he knows what to do with. And I think it’s because he was so bored with his life that taking on Hikaru as a challenge was the one thing he needed. HOWEVER this tutor role wasn’t when he first met her. Oh, no. He met her a while back, actually. Every Saturday at the bookstore.

Little tall cutie was staaaaaaaaalking haha no I’m kidding. But seriously, he noticed Hikaru, and what attracted him to her was the mind-boggling fact that she never noticed him. Ever. At least not until he grew the brass balls to stand behind her at The Shelf. Eeeek!!! Acting all coool and shit and-

*tbh I don’t know whether or not to be sad I don’t see Takeshi in sexy time*
*Not after this GIF my God*

I. Hardcore. Fangirled the shit out of this thing. Takeshi’s the School Idol, the slick genius as hot as he is indifferent to the people who fall over themselves for a glimpse of his perfect face and status.

“She doesn’t have a social life. She won’t notice the difference.”

It’s such a laughable contrast to Hikaru, this girl with no motivation but all heart. Not to mention that she’s adorable and looks LIKE THE CHARACTER FROM BOYS OVER FLOWERS and doesn’t know it. But the booooyss dooo hehe.

These two characters have their own style and attitude, and yet the entire time I read this, not once did I ever feel… idk, yelled at? It’s hard to explain, but the way they thought and acted were subtle, not at all revealing to how they felt towards the other until they did something, like nudge them with their foot, tap their foot, or COME OVER FOR AN UNANNOUNCED SLEEPOVER.

*Takeshi, you sly fuck.*

And that’s the charm right there. Not Takeshi taking his liberties in Hikaru’s house haha, no no. What’s charming is the way they’re so quiet and discreet with their interests. We get the satisfaction of being in their heads and hearing their thoughts, yet also get the other half of the cake with being pleasantly surprised every time one of them decides to take things a step further. A little closer towards ‘something more’.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you,” he promised in fluent English, which Hikaru of course didn’t understand.

UUUGGGHHHH. Tetsuya. Hikaru’s English teacher’s second choice as a tutor. He was cool and all, but his major hit-ons was annoying because SHE’S TAKEN! Yes, I’ll admit it was very…cool … to see a hot college-aged teacher attracted to her, but I felt like he was the character that caused trouble and did things for himself. In the end, he sorta did, but at the same time, he’s not a bad nut (that I know of… still withholding final judgments). So Takeshi, Hikaru, their romance was sweet like the first spring breeze. I thoroughly enjoyed it, devoured it in less than a day, actually. I just couldn’t get enough of them all.

Not Tetsuya, though.

He gave me too much grief to appreciate what he did at the end.

I loved the way Takeshi and Hikaru were together. It was a slow building relationship from curious strangers to reluctant friends (just after student-and-tutor). Then when he started hanging around more, it became more apparent that he wasn’t just around her for the challenge of seeing her succeed. He liked her. And even though none of it ever came up on either end, no ‘I love him’ or ‘Unfortunately I found myself falling for the said silly girl’ spiels, just… chill hangouts. Cute meetings. Friendly and FUCK IDK IT WAS ALL JUST SO TOUCHING. I’m still reeling at how perfect the reading experience was…

I recommend this book to everyone who loves romance. This new discreet way of the buddings of love will intrigue you, and the mysterious way they all act and hold themselves will make you crave more. These characters, all so beautiful and just-fuck-beyond entertaining and more heart-worthy, were just great to know. I loved Hikaru’s cute family, and Takeshi’s cold yet well-meaning and just as loving parents. I loved Tetsuya despite his… irritating moments, and I fucking wanted to stab loved Eriko, their mutual friend, and the things she brought to the table. I loved their friends, the school staff, the idiot sheep students, all of them.

It made me wish that I could bottle their essence of freshness and just keep it by my bedside for a feel good every time the harshness of reality got me down. Blossom Among Flowers is definitely a book to put on the favorites shelf… and the one in my heart.

*cue gushing moment*

…. daaayumm Aladdin ….

Last Thought:
I love that I can love this as much as I love my smutty, dirty couples. She-Who-Won’t-Be-Named just jumps on Takeshi’s bed and he freaks. Totally different from the usual DomTops lol. But just as enjoyable and entrancing.


Happy Reading! =^-^=

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