REVIEW: Breathe In by Martha Sweeney

Martha Sweeney is one of those authors that I luckily found on Instagram’s Explore tab. And when I found out about the book she’s releasing soon, I knew I had to read it. All because of the cover and the blurb. I even joined some giveaways to score a copy of it plus an ARC of the second book but unfortunately, my luck supply was already depleted. I think at some point, Martha took a pity on me (haha) or I could be really persistent that she just decided to cave in and send me a copy. I couldn’t be more thankful enough though! I mean who in their mind would refuse to that, right? Definitely not me!

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Breathe In is one of those books that’s very rich in details that you get to know almost everyone in the story. And there are a lot, by the way. Emma Peterson, the main character, is one of my favorite heroines. She’s intelligent, business-savvy even when she didn’t go to college, sexually-driven, strong, independent woman who’s a health buff, too. Minus the issues, she’s the perfect girl but she has them along with the eight rules she lives by. Still a perfectly normal human though. Then there’s Jared, her gay best friend whom she works with her wellness blog, Naturally Me. There’s Maggie, best friend #2 who’s the COO of her other company, Raven Media. There’s also Nathan, Jared’s boyfriend and owner of the clothing line, Nathaniel’s, in which Emma had a huge investment for it to get in to the real business scene. Henry, Maggie’s boyfriend turned husband at the latter part of the story , was there too. And of course lastly, Joe “Blue Eyes” Covelli (dreamy sigh), Henry’s best friend and one who has the hots for Emma. Since Emma’s parents were no longer around, the only family she treats as one are Jared, Nathan and Maggie. And their families.

Things About Emma

  1. Beauty with brains—thus the money—and body
  2. Comfortable with her own skin
  3. Health enthusiast and a book worm
  4. Generous and loving but only to the people who are close to her
  5. Reserved kind of person

Things About Joe

  1. So into Emma
  2. Decent guy and the perfect gentleman
  3. Rich young man who knows how to makes his own money
  4. Can charm anyone including Emma’s Sadie and Maggie’s family
  5. Funny, honest and hot

I like that it’s a a smart book. Looks like Martha has done her research! There’s a lot of business talk that I couldn’t get my head wrapped around with because I didn’t know a single thing about running one or business per se. It even defended self-pleasure—not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s not acceptable by everyone. I’m glad that it’s not your typical romance where the hero was the flawed one. This time, it’s the girl. And it was a refreshing read. I like how she cares for Sadie and that dog’s quite a charmer. But basically how she cares for her only family left and how she could be generous to them whenever she wanted. Imagine giving each of her best friends Teslas. But then again, she could afford it. She has solid cash flow for that and then some.

I also like how things progressed between everyone including Joe and Emma. I like that they really started as friends and how Joe wanted to get to know more about Emma. And Emma being open enough to him. I commend Joe’s patience because not all guys could handle all the waiting. But I guess it’s possible if you really like the girl, right? It was nice to see how playful, fun, happy, serious, sad, hurt those two could be when they were together and when they weren’t. There wasn’t any action between the two of them since Emma was quite consistent with her rules until it’s time to break one or two or three. Yay sexy time!

I really wanted to knock some sense to Emma because I really don’t see the point of her rules. Giiiirl, Joe is a good guy and you know that. You could’ve just done it and get it over with so we can all move on. But really, WHY ARE YOU SO FREAKING COWARD?! I did not expect that from you! But still the girl won’t budge (even when there’s the tension, the feels, the flirtation) and I hated it. LOL. Blame that on the fast-paced books that I read.

I’m really all on Joe’s side because of that cliffy but I guess this is one of those books that is all for women empowerment. Only a few chapters in and I already sensed that. It remained as that until the very end. By the time I was finished, I was craving for more but I got nothing! Freaking cliffy! But to be honest, I think that’s what made this book worth my while. It made me want more and in my book, that’s already good.

Things That Bothered Me Though

  1. I had to miss a lot of scenes where there’s a F/F and M/F/F action. I mean, I didn’t know there would be those! I was so not prepared! LOL but anyway, I just skipped them altogether because the book’s entirety was still interesting. Like one author told me, those themes are not for everyone. I am one of not for everyone group.
  2. Emma’s demons were still unresolved until the ending of book one. It’s just hanging there but I think Martha’s saving the best for last in the last two books. That I have to find out.
  3. Emma’s pointless rules that I didn’t really get where she’s coming from. I think it’s to protect herself, of course, but I’m still missing the point of it all.

I couldn’t believe that this is Martha’s first book ever! With the way she narrated Breathe In, it looked like she’s been doing it for so long already! I just wished the book were proofread well because the copy I was given with had at least 10 misspelled words. And I was waiting for Joe’s POV… Breathe Out, the second book, will be released on September 15 and it’s now up for pre-order! I could not wait any longer for that—blame the cliffy okay—but it’s a good thing she sent me an ARC because I’m already planning to devour Joe in three… two… one…

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