REVIEW: Beauty and The Billionare: The Wedding by Jessica Clare

beauty-and-the-billionaire-weddingAuthor: Jessica Clare
Series: Billionaire Boys Club #6.5
Release Date: November 15, 2016
Rating: 3/5
I volunteered to review an ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley.
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In this all-new novella in the New York Times bestselling series, Hunter and Gretchen are finally tying the knot—but their wedding may not be the easy fairy tale they’ve dreamed of…

Someone’s out to ruin Gretchen’s happy-ever-after on the eve before the big day. Can she trust Hunter, the man she’s given her heart to? And can she rely on her sister Daphne (the least reliable person of all!) to help her salvage things? Or is this marriage going to go down in flames before Gretchen and Hunter ever get to the altar?

Includes a sneak peek of Dirty Money, first in Clare’s brand new Roughneck Billionaires series.

I’ve always been on the lookout for new Jessica Clare books especially when they’re about billionaires. Case in point: I’ve read all the books of this Billionaire Boys Club series. And can I please just say how much I love the characters of this book? Hunter, the scarred billionaire who invests on properties for a living and Gretchen, a loud-mouthed woman who writes for a living and a perfect match to the silent Hunter. I recommend reading Beauty and The Billionaire prior to this one to complement your reading experience.

Gretchen is turning into a bridezilla. What with almost everything screwing up from the caterers down to the smallest detail of her own wedding, she’s ready to elope with her soon-to-be husband. Only, Hunter wouldn’t let her do that. To add to her stress, something tells her he’s hiding something from her. That could actually result to a make it or break it decision.

First off, I missed how crazy and fun Gretchen was and how Hunter was just typical, nurturing, thoughtful Hunter. I loved that Hunter was always there to support her wild choices and comfort her whenever she needed it. I was even enjoying Gretchen’s I-want-my-wedding-to-be-perfect mantra that she’s now set on planning her own wedding herself, baking things, and DIY-ing most of it all. It’s also very delightful to see the wives of the Billionaire Boys Club boys joining forces together to help Gretchen. It was always fun whenever they’re together. The addition of Gretchen’s sister and Audrey’s twin, Daphne, however, was a huge surprise!

Not a bad surprise since I was really hoping to know Daphne’s whereabouts. And I did and it was satisfying enough though a bit short for my taste. Daphne has been struggling to recover from her addiction and thankfully, she’s got someone on her side to go through it all and stay sober. (Clue: he’s sexy and fit!) The reunion of the Petty sisters was so perfect and heartfelt. I liked that they didn’t give Daphne a hard time at all though they did keep her at arms length for some time because of the way she acted before.

Overall, the book was kind of like the wedding and Daphne’s clipped version of HEA. It was good but I thought it would be really nice if Daphne got a book of her own. The conflict was pretty predictable but it was still acceptable to me. It would’ve been better if the actual wedding was magnified like with all those vows (because I bet Hunter would nail it) and can we please not forget the honeymoon next time, yes? I still enjoyed this one despite all that and I’m already looking forward to Jessica Clare’s next billionaire book!

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