REVIEW: Ask Me Again by Gina L. Maxwell

askmeagainAuthor: Gina L. Maxwell
Release Date: February 15, 2016
Rating: 4/5
Source: ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.
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The friend zone has never felt so hot.

When Trish Howell’s boyfriend of ten years dumps her unexpectedly, she heads back to her hometown for the summer to pick up the pieces of her broken life. Now she’s at the center of the dreaded gossip mill, missing the city, and bartending at the local Irish pub so she can make enough money to put small town life in her rearview mirror once and for all.

The last thing Tony DiAngelo expects to see when he walks into Paddy’s, is the girl he’d crushed on since they were kids. She may have friend-zoned him back then, but he isn’t the scrawny, timid guy from high school anymore, and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t take his shot with her, even if it means agreeing to her temporary friends-with-benefits proposal.

As the days go from sunny to scorching, so do things between Trish and Tony, and the hotter things get, the harder they fall. But staying was never part of her plan and when Tony makes a proposal of his own, Trish’s feelings are too complicated for a one-word answer.

Now she has to decide whether she can trust her heart enough to trade her big city life for the small town love she never saw coming.

First of all—oh man, I love, love this trope! Add in a hefty serving of heartfelt romance, sexiness, sweetness and a little bit of fun—and I’m all set for a good time!

Trish Howell has just gotten out of her almost-a-decade relationship with Nick—a d-bag, if I may add—who wasn’t man enough to leave his flashy New York life to be with his partner. Now, Trish was back to the small town she grew up in, ready to forget about her failed relationship and have a temporary taste of the small town life. Only, she’s not really cut out for that lifestyle. Until she came face to face with her old best friend, the gorgeous Italian who’s also a kindergarten soccer coach, Tony DiAngelo.

Tony DiAngelo’s life revolved around soccer—playing it and teaching it with adorably cute little kids whom he loved with all his heart. Small town life suited him just fine. So he knew when some girl was new or not. It’s just that he’d never expected it would be his childhood crush, his old best friend. And when he found out her reason for being there, he’s set to give her the most memorable time of her life. But only if he could convince her to stay… for him forever.

It’s my first Gina L. Maxwell book and am so glad to have read this book because it’s pretty much one of my favorite novellas out there. It was amazing how Gina could pull off a short read but not compromising anything about the story. I found myself swooning over Tony because there’s really something about a man who’s in the middle type of being an alpha and a beta. And Tony’s just that. Trish, too, was a lovable character. Others may find her a bit confusing because of her actions but I totally got where she’s coming from. Did I mention the woman was ballsy, too? Yep! I loved that there’s something about the plot that I’d never expected but oh so welcome. Gina knows how to twist things!

Ask Me Again is something I highly recommend if you want a feel-good, friends-to-lovers, well-written romance with just enough hotness, fun banter, light drama and an HEA. You don’t even have to ask me again if you have to read this.

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