REVIEW: A Fling with the Greek Billionaire (Prequel) by Marian Tee

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This is the second Greek billionaire book of Marian that I read but it was the first Greek billionaire that she wrote. In which she took a loooong time publishing because other stuff got in the way. I was so thrilled to read it since I loved the first Greek billionaire serial that I read from her. Uh you know… Stavros and Willow. And I just couldn’t resist her Greek gods—I mean, billionaires.

When I got news that she’s releasing her first Greek billionaire book, I was all like yes yes yeeeesss thank you, book gods! And when I received an ARC of it, you have no idea how that email made my long Friday bearable. I think I jumped internally and fist bumped Marian at the back of my mind during my afternoon break. (On a personal note: Thursday and Friday are my loaded days during work week when I have a solid no-time-to-breathe teaching loads.)

Review may include spritz of spoilers here and there. Proceed at your own risk.

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Daria Everest was the embodiment of a rich girl. She’s rich and beautiful but one thing lacks in the equation to make her the perfect rich girl. That, ladies and gentlemen, without a doubt is l-o-v-e. Just like her mother, Magnolia, who was dumped by her bastard of a father and went with a teenage babysitter. Apparently, Daria’s searching for it in the wrong places because 28 ex-boyfriends? (HUH YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING.) Girl, that’s a lot! She thought about what went wrong with those 28 frogs that she kissed and turned out to be just that—frogs, not princes. And she came up with a few:

  • Her frogs were richer but they got zero ambition in life so maybe that’s why they weren’t compatible.
  • She wouldn’t hand over her V-card to them. And the frogs wanted to get it away from her.

When she finally realized she’s doing it wrong, she took a weeklong vacation in Teleios island. There, things got more extreme when Daria made a message in a bottle thing only to have it thrown in the beachfront of the island instead of into the sea. What do ya know, the bottle landed perfectly on a beautiful stranger’s head who’s now furious with her.

Nik Alexandropoulos was a foster child turned gorgeous billionaire, cold and ruthless one at that but only because of the circumstances life had handed him with. He valued trust so much and nobody couldn’t blame him for that especially when his 7th foster mother, this time, tried to sell him off in the press knowing Nik hated that. This certain case made Nik who he was now. Still the handsome billionaire only without emotions.

By some twist of fate and some virus that Nik acquired during one of his overseas travel, Nik found himself in an island for a month-long no-work-in-the-office rule imposed by his doctor. This was where a bottle of Gatorade landed squarely on his head. Ready to murder who his attacker was, he was taken aback when he found out it was a woman—a tall, long-legged, voluptuous woman.

Reading Fling wasn’t easy, to be honest. There were times I kind of hated Daria because, really, what kind of woman jumps from one guy to another when the relationship didn’t work out? The Daria kind, that’s what. She was really desperate to find her one true love and I hate that she’s like that and even questioned her worth because of its failure. And when Daria wrote a message—more like an ultimatum for me—to God, I didn’t know what to feel. She was THAT hopeless in love??? That she trusted a mere message in a bottle to hand over her prince??? Eh, WTF Daria?

Things got interesting when she hit accidentally Nik in the head with her foolish bottle and when the signs she was asking for pointed directly at him. She couldn’t believe it and just stood there shocked, amazed, I have no idea. When Nik started to get away because he had some important matters to attend to—like having his foster mother arrested—here goes Daria again throwing something to him to stop him from leaving.

After that everything seemed to be a blur because one time they were still apart, Nik giving mad stares at Daria while Daria was being herself thinking she finally found her prince, and the next they were inside Nik’s room while Daria was ready to give away her V-card to him.

That was where I started questioning Daria’s life choices again. I mean, she’s very careful not to have sex with the 28 guys she dated but with Nik, she just jumped right into it? What the hell gurrrrl? And the lies she said, maaan, she was soooo in trouble for lying to Nik. Did I mention Nik loathe liars? Yessir! And he’s a billionaire so running a background check on every person he got to meet was an SOP? Yep. Totally a billionaire thing to do.

Their actions were understandable but it doesn’t mean I have to agree with them. I just wanted to smack some sense to Daria’s head most of time while reading, while I wanted to hug Nik because he didn’t deserve those things.

I must applaud Marian here because she really knows how to twist her stories just to make it painful and interesting. You have to read carefully so you won’t miss the tiny details she’s thrown in there. And the way she has with words… ahh! I’m reminded why she has a spot in my favorite authors list.

Fling left me with so much questions that I want to be answered in the standalone book to be released soon. Nevertheless, don’t expect anything grand to happen yet because this is just the prequel. It’s supposed to push us in the edge to want the next book more. I just hope Marian will kind of put Nik on the spotlight next because the prequel sounded like it’s all about Daria. Still, I am so excited to find out what’s next with Nik and Daria!

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