ARC Review: American King by Sierra Simone

Series: The New Camelot Trilogy
Rating: 4 / 5

ARC provided for an honest review. 

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They say that every tragic hero has a fatal flaw, a secret sin, a tiny stitch sewn into his future since birth.  And here I am.  My sins are no longer secret. My flaws have never been more fatal.  And I’ve never been closer to tragedy than I am now.

I am a man who loves, a man whose love demands much in return.  I am a king, a king who was foolish enough to build a kingdom on the bones of the past. I am a husband and a lover and a soldier and a father and a president.

And I will survive this.

Long live the king.

American King is a moving love story that had my mind on a high with every flip of the page, all through Sierra Simone’s poetic writing and Ash’s gripping and telling POV. God, his POV is like looking through the eyes of a higher being. There is something heavenly and beguiling with his characterization – he is gentle at the same time strong, understanding but more than anything else loving. Ash is this beautiful manifestation of what real love is.

All the POVs were written with glowing distinction but I would like to zero in on one POV that to me is crazy monumental. I wouldn’t say who’s it is so as not to ruin for other readers. I loved all the POVs but this one just stood out for me. What transpired is so sensitive but it’s well thought out and written with so much grace and caution.

I was certain that a ménage doesn’t work. I used to think that it is make believe. Just a fantasy. But Ash, Embry and Greer proved me wrong. This triad will remain in my memory until I am grey and old. I enjoyed the kink but to me it’s just icing on a cake. The complexity of the characters and the multi layered plot line are its precious elements.

There are just two things that got me slightly restless. First, I expected more tangible and crafty damage control care of the king himself relating to the conflicts presented in American Prince. To me, the resolutions happened to be more driven by the antagonist, some outside forces and circumstances. Still, the major conflict in this third and final book is resolved because of Ash’s sole decisions and actions, and I applaud the author for powerfully proving his grand purpose. Second, the concluding revelation got me happy and saying amen to the heavens, but I had that nagging feeling that it’s a bit off kilter to how original this series has been from the start.

There is no denying that Sierra Simone is an incredible story teller. I loved how she artfully fuses sexuality and spirituality with hints of symbolism at the same time making sure readers are pulled out from their comfort zones. Societal norms and beliefs embed our minds with what it thinks is right and unthinkable. But American King along with the first two books, tell us that beyond the taboo, the extremes, or the normal are hearts. We are all but humans. Whatever society has taught and is teaching us shouldn’t define us. How we love should ultimately define us.

I highly recommend The New Camelot series. If you are running for the hills because you’re afraid to breach your hard limits I would understand because you will. But I promise it will be worth it. You will thank me later because this series is one class act!

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