REVIEW: A Fling with the Greek Billionaire (Standalone) by Marian Tee

Marian Tee is one of those authors that I’d like to kill someday for revenge purposes because of how excellent she is for ripping your heart out. What’s worse? She is going to do it very slowly so you’ll feel all the excruciating pain that comes with reading her books. That’s not all! She is going to rub salt in the wound like your heart is some kind of a cake and she’s just putting sprinkles on it for that added sweetness—only it wasn’t sprinkles. Salt hurts like a bitch to any open wound and we all know that. But that obviously did not stop me from reading her latest release, A Fling with the Greek Billionaire (Standalone), late last night while it’s raining crazy hard and listening to the playlist Marian recommended for reading the book. (You think that would stop me?!) Because this is Marian Tee we’re talking about and she’s one of the best out there. (Yup, heart-ripping skills included.)

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So, A Fling with the Greek Billionaire! Maaaan, I though I was going to die while reading this (what a way to die, really) last night! I mean it didn’t help that I have that playlist on loop and that it was raining so hard but from the very beginning, my heart felt so heavy already. I was reminded how Marian’s writing can pull me in to that deep abyss of another world where only feelings exist and nothing else.

It started with a flashback six years ago where I found out just how cruel Nik Alexandropoulos could be. Because he was protecting himself. But only because he has reasons. (Why the hell am I defending this idiot?! Hate all you want and feel free for the world to know, you guys, I won’t stop you.)

The book was divided into three (painful) parts. I thought the first part was heartbreaking already with all the shit Nik put into his stupid little brain and with a certain bitch AKA Miranda (The Bitch) whom I’d like to suffer a slow death, but I’m warning you now, part two was the worst. Define worst? Picture this: I grabbed a pillow to stop me from throwing out my precious Porsche and smashing it on the wall, I lost count of my breathing exercises to stop the twisting pain in my chest but failed since I still ended up a crying mess while drinking water with shaking hands. Sure I expected this of Marian, but maaan are we ever prepared for heartbreak. The third part was less painful to be honest, but still stirred up all those hurtful feelings because all the reconciliation, all the forgiving, all the plans Nik made to make sure he found out where Daria was still hurt like hell. When everything’s been said and done, it’s all good because even the pain won’t be permanent. And Nik made sure of that for Daria.

(Side note: Marian loves to write characters I love to hate. And that makes me hate her even more.)

Daria was a chatty woman, cheerful even, beautiful and imperfect. And I hurt for her, for her not telling Nik the truth, for her wanting to be loved but met a lot of frogs instead who threw nothing but shit about her while at it because they couldn’t have her body, for protecting her mother with all that she has, for the bad choices she made. If I could just be there, I would. Daria’s friends, Alyx and Yanna, weren’t just enough to be with her during those agonizing days of her life. I wanted to cry with her, to hug her just to offer a little comfort even when I knew it’d mean nothing. I hated her in the beginning since she made everyone think she was that kind of woman like her mother. I thought she was pathetic from jumping to one a-hole of man to another but I couldn’t blame her. She just freaking wanted to be loved. But look what it’s done to her? Meeting and falling in love with the a-hole of all a-holes.

Because the pain Nik caused? It’s. Too. Much. I mean, who in his right freaking mind makes the love of his life (he still didn’t know this during that time in the book) his mistress just to avenge for the lies he mistakenly thought she did? Nik freaking Alexandropoulos, that’s who! Aaaahhhh, I wanted to strangle Nik, throw him a lot of things in my room that are no longer useful to me, kick him in the balls (maybe even kill him) the whole time! He was just so damn stupid, so damn clueless, so damn obsessed with Daria’s body (not that it’s a bad thing), so damn cruel and damn heartless that I wonder if circumstances were reversed, would he survive? Could he survive? (Do I want him to even survive? Haha!) If I were Daria I’d like to see him grovel his way from New York to Greece just to let him feel how much his actions had hurt her, me. But I wasn’t Daria (surprise haha!) and she just loved Nik too much it hurt me. (Not that it matters anyway.) But really, all I wanted to scream Nik in his gorgeous face during those chapters was WHAT THE FLYING FUCK NIK ALEXANDROPOULOS GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER I HOPE YOUR DICK FALLS OFF YOU SON OF A BITCH I HATE YOU SO MUCH I’M GOING TO KILL THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!!!! Yeah, that kind of rage.

And this perfect little whore Miranda. Giiirl, what am I gonna do with you? Do you think your pabebe tricks will work on me?! You’ve got another thinking to do! Because if anything, that just made me feel so disgusted over you! Like I-wanna-throw-up-in-your-face kind of disgusted. Your personality was just gross and that’s perfectly fine because that’s just who you are. She’s just too perfect that it’s impossible she’s even human. (That’s what Nik thought, by the way.) There were just so many times I wanted to grab her by the hair and put her little ass of a whore in place just for to see where she really belonged. And that was not with Nik. Alongside of a trash can, maybe? Nope, definitely! But let’s make that a gold one since she’s very fond of that. The manipulative bitch didn’t deserve all the good in the world for the mess she’d done. (But so did Nik! And that’s too much if I say so myself. Haha! But you get where I’m coming from right?)

Marian wasn’t kidding when she told us (ARC reviewers) this made her and her editor cry. This book is so freaking emotional! And it’s longer than her other books I’ve read. Fair warning: It’s not for the faint of heart because it’s 80% distressing, 20% blissful. That reveals the reason behind the 4-star rating. I love how it’s full-packed of emotions—upsetting ones—but I was hoping Marian would extend their over-the-moon state even just for a little while. That ending was a bit rushed to me. They deserved it, Daria surely did after all she’s been through. She’s the real winner here because even after everything, she still believed in the power of love, what it can hold and how much (or who!) it could conquer including the idiot Nik.

Overall, this book is another great addition to the ever growing creation of Marian Tee.

A Fling with the Greek Billionaire (Standalone) AKA Prepare Your Feelings Playlist

Remember, if you think you’re really strong enough to listen to these while reading the book then go ahead, be my guest. But if you think otherwise, think again! Haha! Hey these songs are good but don’t say I didn’t warn you! ;)
Is It Over – Ronnie Milsap
All My Life – America
Almost Over You – Sheena Easton
Lost in Love – Air Supply (Acoustic)

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