10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss #FeelsFest

#romanceclass is a group of awesome indie Filipino authors put together by Ms. Mina V. Esguerra. I’m a big fan of her, so of course it’s just automatic that I support #romanceclass as well. But since I wasn’t able to attend the first two events which were held last April (#AprilFeelsDay!) and September (MIBF!), I vowed to attend their next event. And since they announced that this was really gonna happen, I really looked forward to it: the first ever October #FeelsFest organized by the said group in partnership with Ayala Malls and Little Free Library. It will be on October 22, 2016 at Glorietta 5 Atrium from 12 noon onwards.

But just in case, you’re having second thoughts on going or dropping by this coming Saturday (Yes! It’s gonna happen this Saturday already!! Yay!)…. Listed below are:

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss #FeelsFest

  1. It’s free and open to all!

  2. Well, how can you say no or even look at what is going on if you see pretty things and authors roaming around the venue? It’s just a bonus that it’s free! So, come and bring your friends with you.

  3. #romanceclass books!!

  4. According to their online catalogue, they already have over 100 titles that were both traditionally published and self-published by the authors themselves. And there are still more titles to come! Some of those new titles are gonna be launched this coming Saturday! :)

  5. Buy all the feels that you want!

  6. 14753350_10154023768448364_8587085103316226027_o
    Since new books will be launched that day, you’ll get the chance to have first dibs on them so you don’t have to worry about buying online, going to the bank to deposit your payment and wait for these babies to be shipped to you.

  7. Book merch for sale!

  8. Aside from #romanceclass books, t-shirts from weardpt and other merch will also be available at the venue.

  9. You will meet awesome indie Filipino authors

  10. If you love reading, then you really shouldn’t miss out on this one. Why not try going this Saturday and give them a chance? You might be surprised of how good they are, too! You can even ask for them to sign your copies and take selfies with them. Like what our elders always tells us, “Love your own.” So let’s show our love and support to these wonderful authors.

  11. Meet fellow #romanceclass readers

  12. Believe me, I know how hard it is to approach new people. But when you have something in common or share the same interest with those new people, everything becomes so easier. So if you happen to come alone on Saturday, don’t hesitate to strike a conversation to anyone in there. You’ll never know, you might meet your new BFF at the event!

  13. There will be games and lots of prizes

  14. igtemplate-games
    I heard there will be games and prizes to be given away. Well, the only thing I know? If it’s the #romanceclass group giving away prizes, all the effort you’re gonna put through just to win will be worth it!

  15. Live Readings

  16. feelsfest-livereaders
    One of the stars that shine the most about #romanceclass events? Their ~live readings~! You’ll surely swoon, squeal and fangirl all the more when these amazing people starts reading an excerpt of your favourite stories. We sometimes wish that the characters of our fave books come to life, right? Well, here’s one way of them coming to life. You’ll never regret listening to these lovely people, that’s for sure.

  17. Donate a printed book of any genre and get a free #romanceclass e-book of your choice

  18. 14470516_10154004475288481_3348170752890689342_n
    You only won’t have fun but you’ll also get the chance to help Ayala Malls for their Little Free Library campaign. You also get to free up space on your bookshelf for your new purchases! It’s a win-win situation, right?

  19. Overflowing of feelings!

  20. You’ll surely be overflowing with feelings before, during and after the event, I’ll swear on it. And who doesn’t want that, right?

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